Gems & Crystals Unlimited  "What can we make for you today?"

Text Box: Gems & Crystals Unlimited is a family-owned jewelry business specializing in high-end custom jewelry.
Father and son jewelers deliver the highest quality in precious gemstones and metals to provide you with unique pieces that will complement your style and highlight your taste.
Outstanding gemstones, diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds and all imaginable colored gemstones; jewelry in gold, silver and platinum; many custom pieces, complete custom work for you!  Satisfaction guaranteed.  Super prices!  Huge collection of antique jewelry in gold, platinum and silver.  Old scrimshaw, cameo and collectibles.
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Text Box: Gems & Crystals Unlimited, P.O. Box 18997, Atlanta, Georgia, 31129, USA ● +(404) 760-0027 ●